Candy bar

What is a Candy-bar?

Candy-bar, or sweet buffet, is a traditional Western feature which is an essential part of any feast, whether it is a birthday or New Year’s party or wedding and other events.

Candy-bar is a birthday or wedding stylized table full of sweets including but not limited by marmalade, marzipan, comfit, marshmallow, chocolate, lollipops and many others. Sweets are placed to bowls and on trays of different height and size arranged on different levels of the table. To highlight specific style of the event candy-bar is decorated with labels, tags, ribbons, cards, photographs and pennants as well as colourful and uncommon wrappings for cupcakes and other sweets. 

Variety of sweets for Candy-bar:

As our experience in successful decoration of Candy-bars at weddings shows, the most popular treats are the following:

Cupcakes. Cupcakes are small cakes in special paper cups. Different possible varieties in cupcake decoration allow to blend them into any feast seamlessly. We care about our customers and therefore we offer only the most affordable prices for wedding candy-bars.

Macarons. Almond cookies called macarons have recently become very popular in Russia. Crispy crust, soft filling, various colours and tastes are undeniable advantages of your choice of this exquisite treat.

Cake pops. Small cakes on sticks are very popular among guests due to their bright design and comfortable size.

Marshmallow. Do not confuse this treat with zephyr. Marshmallow is something between zephyr and pastille. It is frequently decorated with chocolate, coloured sugar and sprinkles. Similar to cake pops, marshmallow is put to dessert bowls or on the sticks.

Sweet buffet is often served with meringue, small glazed cookies, profiterole, small shortbread cups with pastry cream and fruit.

Every candy-bar we create is unique and special for us.

Armata Catering specialists and designers will offer you an original decoration style of candy-bar for your event with consideration of the main style of the banquet and your wishes.



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