Coffee break

Today’s format of coffee break has its own rules unwritten but exceptionally advisable for fulfilment.

  • The duration of a coffee break should be not less than 20 minutes and not more than 40 minutes.

  • Interval should between coffee break sessions should be from 2.5 to 3 hours.

  • Hot and cold beverages and light appetizers should be served.

  • The format is democratic, there are no hosts and no waiters, everybody is self-servicing.

  • The higher the status of attendees is, the higher the quality of beverages and products is, the more exquisite dish serving and table layout are.

Company negotiations and business meetings are usually accompanied with a cup of fragrant tea or coffee as well as fresh bakery, therefore menu for coffee breaks is always composed with taking into account strictly limited time of the event. Coffee break arranged by Armata Catering company includes a wide range of different tea and coffee varieties, sandwiches, toasts, fruit, rolls and buns, desserts, canapés and non-alcohol bar. Various cold appetizers and cold cuts by Armata Catering are not inferior to those of restaurant production. Cheese, meat, fish and vegetable sets, meat rolls with delicious and unusual fillings - you can try all these incredible dishes. Armata Catering company menu includes the most exquisite dishes and beverages and is composed beforehand with taking into consideration all wishes and taste preferences as well as financial abilities of each particular customer.



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