Locations for organization of events

Armata Catering offers several locations for arrangement of festivities, weddings, conferences

1. “INFINITY PLAZA” is a unique place for organization of negotiations for outstanding business representatives who value quality services, genuine comfort and image. Address: 12 Kurmangazy

  • Atlanta - 120 m2

  • Boston - 60 m2

Multifunctional halls can be transformed for particular “INFINITY PLAZA” customer’s task.

2. Restaurant complex “ARMATA” is a large complex in Atyrau city. Excellent for weddings, family celebrations, corporate events, trainings and seminars.


  • ARMATA is a location for up to 300 people. Square - 420 m2

  • Luciano is convenient for friendly feasts, business meetings, family celebrations, corporate events, trainings, seminars for 10-50 people. There are 4 cabins with specific design. Common room - 120 m2. Versailles - 45 m2

  • Loft bar - is known as a meeting point. “LOFT BAR” during daytime is ruled by atmosphere of Viennese café: a place for both friendly meetings and business negotiations. Square - 200 м2

  • Chicago - a place for pleasant meetings with friends and relatives. Perfect atmosphere for business negotiations, private zones available, high-speed WI-FI connection. Square - 350 м2


3. “ARIZONA COFFEE” is a modern designer's loft in Atyrau. Expensive designer's furniture, local equipment and specialists.

ARIZONA COFFEE is a perfect location for organization of events, small banquets, corporate parties and conferences. Area of coffee shop at the address: 121 Kulmanova -120 м2 ; 4 Abaya – 130 м2



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