New Year’s corporate event

New Year’s corporate banquet arranged by Armata Catering is always fresh and delicious dishes made by our professional cooks and exquisitely served for you, always polite, compassionate and benevolent professional waiters who are ready to help at any moment, it is a properly prepared and well thought through event!

In our experience New Year’s corporate banquet is the most important, noisy and entertaining event in the life of every company as afterwards come the holidays, fun and well-deserved rest and that is why corporate banquets may last 10 and even 12 hours long!

That being said we would like to note that organization of a New Year’s banquet may be quite expensive but your guests will remember it for a long time. In order to have a festivity as planned you can arrange an off-premise New Year’s banquet with the help of our company - Armata Catering. We ensure that your event will be carried out at the highest level leaving pleasant memories.

Rules for New Year’s banquet organization

To guarantee successful and entertaining pastime, it is necessary to properly think out a festive menu and to implement it tastefully. Our catering company employs only best cooks and masters and therefore we promise that you won’t regret ordering our services.

It needs to be mentioned that New Year's banquet differs from the usual feast. More guests participate in it. For this reason cooks’ task is to make festive dishes fast and delicious, and waiters’ function is to serve these dishes in due time. But the requirements for organization of such banquet are not limited just by the above said. There are other rules:

  1. Services can be of two types - full and non-full. This kind of event requires ordering full services. It provides constant presence of the waiters at the banquet. The glasses will be always maintained full. And whenever a guest would have any questions regarding composition of some particular dish, waiters will be available to answer them and list all the ingredients.

  2. A New Year’s banquet may last not less than three hours.

  3. There must be a lot of dishes and they have to be of a great variety.

  4. Non-alcohol and alcohol beverages must be presented in a wide range.

  5. It is necessary to find out how many guests will attend the party and their taste preferences beforehand in order to seat them so as particular dishes could be served in particular parts of table.

  6. Table layout must be especially paid attention to. It should be festive and New Year themed.

  7. Dishes serving order must be thought out carefully. Cold dishes must be placed on the table before arrival of guests. Hot appetizers must be served 30 minutes after the guests were seated to dine.

Would you like to arrange an unforgettable New Year’s banquet for your employees?

Our company offers you services of a high quality and affordability to organize banquets of any format. You can order either humble New Year lunch or luxurious gala dinner which will undoubtedly become the brightest event of the outgoing year. All you need is to tell us what you would like to have for your banquet and all your wishes will be brought to life by our team of professionals.


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