Organization of banquets

Armata Catering will provide catering in any location in the city of Atyrau and at any time convenient for our customer. We have experience in organizing banquets during night time upon arrival of guests from abroad or representatives of major international companies.

Increased self-discipline allows Armata Catering to organize exquisite catering which pays attention to every minor detail. We think everything through down to the last detail and are able to arrange events with the atmosphere that is expected.


To organize a banquet in Atyrau is a tricky business! That is why we delegate organization of such tricky aspects as: guest seating, plating, hall decoration, cooking, arrangement of tables and chairs and other details, to our most responsible employees. This kind of approach ensures flawless catering which leaves our customers only with pleasant memories.

Catering services include the following aspects:

  • Composition of festive menu and tasting session. Armata Catering company employs specialists with impressive experience and they will be happy to advise you on every detail starting with the shade of a tablecloth and ending with the calorage of a particular dish. We will help you to compose wonderful banquet menu and answer all of your questions.

  • Cooking, delivery. Our cooks will make tasty dishes according to the approved menu and deliver them afterwards to the banquet location n refrigerators with observance of temperature requirements.

  • Banquet servicing. Every festive event requires presence of attentive and polite waiters. They will ensure that dishes are served timely, hall is clean, appetizers are in place and in enough quantity, drinks are substantial and many other little details.

Catering services are our company’s strong point!

We provide catering for any amount of guests. And every attendee of your banquet will be satisfied. Our words are proved by various awards and a positive feedback from our customers.

Armata Catering knows how to make any event stylish, comfortable and delicious!



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