Arrangement of drinks reception

Arrangement of drinks reception has become an integral part of business events long time ago. Drinks reception encourages establishment of partnership links, negotiations are usually going on and pleasant or needful acquaintances are made more easily in cordial atmosphere of drinks reception. Armata Catering mobile restaurant has many years’ experience in organization and servicing of banquets which speaks of our professionalism and high-levelled services. We will do everything to arrange drinks reception on highest level which would impress you and your guests in a best way possible.

This type of events usually does not have a very high price but we also provide exclusive customized catering options with quite specific canapés and other appetizers, furthermore customers sometimes request drinks of exceptionally premium quality which may also increase the cost of drinks reception in Atyrau. But it should be mentioned that just as there is no ceiling price limit, there is also no lower one.

● Cost of rent of dish, equipment and textile makes 10% from the cost of menu.
● Cost of delivery and servicing makes 20% from the cost of menu.
● We are always pleased to meet with you and consider all your wishes including changes in menu.
● We hope that our offer will correspond with your demand!



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