Champagne tower

Champagne tower, or pyramid, is a genuinely beautiful and celebratory spectacle which will leave nobody untouched. Golden colour, white foam and flowing trickle from the top of the glass tower will bring a real aesthetic enjoyment to your guests. However you should remember that the higher your tower of champagne glasses is, the less impressive it would be for your guests.

If you wish to create an atmosphere of creativity and originality at your event, then the champagne tower would be the right solution for you. The whole structure is set 1.5 hour prior to the commencement of your banquet.  Armata Catering can guarantee a quality performance (assembly, disassembly, decoration and filling), various options, beverages at your choice, friendly personnel and unforgettable memories. Only professional servicing of your event. We can put additional decorations on the champagne tower if desired.



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