Chocolate fountain

Chocolate fountains become an integral feature of corporate events and parties of all kinds more and more often. Being still fresh, it easily pushed back traditional tier cake which has been the main decoration of great ceremonies over the course of decades.

Chocolate fountain at your event is an uncommon and pleasant treat! 
Such fountain will be the jewel of your event and will impress all your guests!

  • Warm genuine chocolate

  • Delicious and uncommon

  • Children like it so much!

  • Goes perfectly with fruit and pastries

Many companies and individuals who decide to throw an unforgettable party can take a chocolate fountain for rent. Cost of this service depends on the number of guests invited as we have fountains which can satisfy a dozen and even a hundred party members.

If Armata Catering gives chocolate fountains for rent, we conclude a contract under which we undertake to carry out a delivery and safe installation. Some issues should be discussed specifically. Should the customer request, we will provide chocolate, dish, skewers and napkins.



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